Doc The Stampede (docthestampede) wrote in nyanime,
Doc The Stampede

*pokes around*

Its amazing how many little communities are wandering around for NYC and anime. :)

Well, I guess I should introduce myself - I'm Terry, most people know me online as Doc. I'm born and bred city dweller, and I've been into anime for far too long.

I am a con slug - so if you go to anime cons you've probably seen me out and about. I've been Otakon staff for years, was Chair of Otakon back in 2004, and help out with other cons as well. If you have con related questions, I probably can answer some of them. ;) It was also just announced that I'll be heading up anime related programming for New York Comic-Con, which is the show over at Javitz in February that someone mentioned. (plug plug. ;)

Anyway, here's a few NY related anime items that you folks might be interested in.

Metro Anime :
Holds Sunday screenings about once a month at Maui Tacos by the Empire State Building, and hosts other events as well. (Long running group, started at SVA, etc etc.)

New York City Anime :
A great site for all things NYC anime related.

MOCCA also does a semi-regular anime showing in conjunction with Metro. There are also several other fan groups wandering about, including OtakuArmy and a group.

Enough rambling from me. :)

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